Whether it is a residential, office, Retail or Complex  your construction, renovation or building project will be in safe hands by combining the talents of professionals with multiple years of construction experience.

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Quality and Service are two words synonymous with Tembcoat Projects. Our reputation is built with the buildings we construct, through our commitment to providing a level of service to our clients that exceeds their expectations and taking ownership of every single project, no matter how large or small.

Building and Construction


Our Clients include;

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We provide a high quality, interior and exterior painting service for both residential and commercial properties, including houses, flats, offices and commercial properties.

Our expert guidance and advice will assist a great deal in helping you to make the right choice of colour as well as the correct paint texture for the different types of walls, irrespective of whether they are rough or smooth.

Using the necessary skill, patience and quality materials, we do painting the right way, the way that brings beauty and splendour to the most ordinary looking walls, no matter what the current condition.

We paint all roof types, buildings, houses (exterior and interior), factories and we offer a professional and efficient service. We take care when repairing cracks and flaking paint. All work is overseen by our management and our staff are reliable, friendly and knowledgeable.

Painting service


You can often identify rising damp without using any professional equipment, just looking at and touching your walls can often be enough. Typical signs that can identify rising damp include:

  •  Tide Marks

One of the most common tell-tale signs are tide marks left on walls. Tide marks are caused by evaporation and salts from the ground. You will normally notice them anywhere up to a 1 metre above the skirting board.

If you do not notice tide marks, another very common tell tale sign is damp patches or staining.  Typically, these damp patches are yellowish or brownish in colour and similar to tide marks, you will notice them up to 1 metre above the skirting board.

  •  Peeling Wall

Look out for wallpaper coming off or peeling from the wall. You will most likely notice it coming loose from the skirting board first with the corner of the wallpaper turned or curved up.

  •  Decayed Skirting Boards

Salts in the form of white fluffy deposits in the plaster similar to the images above. These salts are washed out of your bricks and into your plaster leaving what can look like blistering patches on your walls.

  •  Black Mould

If you see black mould appearing above your skirting board it is a clear sign that there is some form of dampness affecting the area, especially if you have no other evidence of black mould within the property and the black mould is localized from the skirting board to up to 1 metre above the skirting.

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Paving& Tiling service

Damp proofing service

Building & alteration service

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We are Building Contractor That Deliver Quality Guaranteed Workmanship and Professional Property Maintenance. 

Tembcoat projects is the right choice for your Building, alteration and / or repair project and With more than 10 years of industry knowledge, you can rest assure that your project will be completed in highest standard.

Tembcoat Projects takes care of both small building alterations and general building construction requirements at very competitive rates

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Water proofing & Roofing service

Waterproofing is an essential part of a structure, building and home. When a building has been erected it is vital that the waterproofing is done in accordance to the architectural plan, otherwise detrimental effects occur resulting in damage to the building, structure and personal possessions.

Tembcoat Projects offers an efficient and quality waterproofing service with an effective long-term lasting product. Our team believes in safety and quality, thus we focus on quality control, training, testing, inspection and site management.

Our services are of highest of quality combined with efficiency and professionalism. All our products are approved by SABS and respective association legislations.

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Fascia & beige Board

We Ensure that the supporting timber is sound. We Check for dry rot and replacement with new timber to support the fasten of new fascia or beige board


Aluminium sliding doors & windows

Windows and Doors are a major feature of any home or building and add character, warmth and value. Choosing the right Aluminium Windows and Doors is one of the most important decisions you can make. They can make your home more inviting from the outside, appear more spacious and increased light from the inside and add to the value of your home. More importantly, they can provide improved safety and security for you and your family.

Customer service is paramount at Aluminium Prodigy. Purchasing a Window or Door can sometimes be a very daunting experience unless you get the right advice. There are many different types of Windows and Doors available in today’s market. Our dedicated experienced sales team will offer you the right advice and expertise, so you end up with a product that suits your specific need.